Is he Dead

The play was adapted by David Ives.  “Is He Dead?” premiered on Broadway in 2007.  With classic Twain humor, the play follows Jean-Francois Millet, a young painter of genius, in love with Marie Leroux, but in debt to the villainous picture-dealer, Bastien Andre. Andre foreclosures on Millet, threatening debtor’s prison unless Marie marries him. 

Millet realizes the only way he can pay his debts and keep Marie from marrying Andre is to die, as it is only dead painters who achieve fame and fortune. Millet fakes his death and prospers, all while passing himself off as his own sister, the Widow Tillou. Now a rich “widow,” he must find a way to get out of a dress, return to life and marry Marie.  

The production is in rehearsals and is being directed by Ben Thomas-Reid and produced by Rebecca Williams. 

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